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Who Else Wants Less Stress While Caring for our Loved One?

I know I did. Here’s a ‘short’ synopsis of our Alzheimer’s journey: John was initially diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment. That’s an euphemism for he couldn’t remember much, be it where he put the keys or that we had a dinner date with good friends. We still had a really good life on the whole….


Sour Grapes -18G28

8×10 oil on canvas Sour Grapes – 18G28 Painting Grapes and lemons together fit my mood today. My darling husband’s Alzheimer’s has gotten to the stage where I am unable to meet his needs. He is now living apart from me in the memory unit. It’s a blessing that we moved to a wonderful retirement…


Kelli’s Sunflowers 19H19

Kelli’s Sunflowers 19!19 As I’ve often said, sunflowers are some of my favorite flowers. Yet, most all flowers are some of my favorites, too.

My friend brought these majestic beauties. So out came my canvas and paints!

I love best the way the flowers follow the sun. Just watch some sunny day. They seem to always just know where the sun is.

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Pears, Grapes & Ginger Jar – 20D04

COVID-19-day-18 Isolation has led me to frantically painting just to stay occupied. But from the looks of this Pears, Grapes & Ginger Jar painting, it’s agreeing with me! The interesting side for me is that I’m actually getting used to not seeing anyone. That’s scary. Here all my life I thought I was an extrovert,…

still life

Serene Grapefruit, Grapes & Plate : 18A15

Grapefruit, Grapes & Plate 8×10 Oil on Canvas Panel $100 White dish with blue border, two oranges and a bunch of grapes This is one of my early paintings back in 2018 when I was first getting back to my art. When John went to the Assisted Living unit because I was no longer able…

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Welcome to 2020!

Suddenly we’ve travelled directly from Thanksgiving to nearly February! My how the time does fly. I certainly hope you’ve all recovered from a series of wonderful holiday festivities. January has brought me more painting energy and I’m expanding into a new direction, too. I’ve begun to take classes with 3 wonderful teachers: Daniel Edmondson, Dennis…

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Autumn Lemons

The show finished on Saturday. I’ve slept for the last 3 days to recover!Today I felt ready to tackle this. A friend left this sprig of Japanese lanterns. So I ran out to get some lemons and grapes to complement them.

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