Classical Painting

Value Study in Classical Painting

This week’s Threads skills workshop inspired me to work a bit more on value to paint form. I laid out my palette with a value scale, in this case of 7 values from white to black. The sphere and cylinder can be convincingly portrayed using these values. Once I became enthralled with classical drawing and…

still life

Daisy, Daisy

Give me your answer, do No answer yet, but I certainly enjoyed picking these blossoms froma patch in my garden. My perennial garden is filled with blossoms and I wanted to catch them before they wilted in our 90 degree heat today. Then they begged to be painted so I obliged.

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Ikebana Arrangement 1

Fresh flowers are one of the great joys of life at the retirement center where I live. Painting them is a joy for me, too! Years ago a former resident left an endowment sufficient to allow for weekly visits to a local wholesaler to pick up fresh flowers. Resident members of the Flower Committee then…

still life

Post Bargue

I’m back to painting now that I’ve done several Bargue drawing studies. Let me know if you can see any change. This is with adding a single glaze layer of olive green and alizarin. To get more depth of color I may add more layers later. The Old Masters used this technique. It takes quite…

still life | Bargue Studies

Bargue Hands

So now I’m beginning to do the Bargue book studies from the beginning. These are said to be the easiest and then progress ever more difficult. Oh, my! I’m not so sure. The proportions appear to be off. My drawings are surely not coming close to truly matching the originals. Hand 3 looks more like…

still life | Bargue Studies

First Bargue Figure

Ok between doing drawing it from a photo: first upside down, with straight lines and only shadows. It’s not as bad as I feared. Perhaps by the end of a year doing just Bargue drawings I’ll be able to just draw these from a photo. Perhaps later on I’ll go back to doing realistic still…

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