Print on Demand

You may want to consider this relatively new way of getting paid for your artwork.

Pixels.com is one of the distribution channels. This is the way they describe what they offer:

Welcome to the largest, fastest-growing art and photography community in the world.  Pixels is the premier online marketplace for buying and selling original art, prints, home decor, apparel, and more. With just a few clicks, you can open an account, upload your images, select the products that you want to sell, set your prices, and begin selling your art to the millions of buyers all over the world.

It can be very appealing since it is not necessary to concern yourself with packaging,  insuring and shipping the artwork.

FineArtAmerica has another site like this where you can offer all sorts of products, even coffee mugs, each of which uses images of you art.

You upload photos, set the markup and they do the rest!

These make fabulous gifts. Take a peek at pixels.com/art/karlene+ellsworth


sm brass pot and apples

Brass Pot and Apples

Good morning!

It’s another beautiful day. The sun is shining through my windows and onto the simple study I completed last evening.

This one is done completely with a palette knife. You’ll see the style is very different from most of my still life. Give me some feedback on what you think.

SM Brass Pot and Apples
Brass Pot and Apples

Price $99oil on canvas panel

8×10 inches

c851c fullsizeoutput 1023

Autumn Joys

This is the first work from 2019 that I’ve added to this blog.

I’m busily trying to get the set up the way I’d like to interact with a blog myself.

Let me know how this looks to you.

A questions I often get asked is: How does your painting help?

This is my answer:

I paint to ease the pain of living with a spouse suffering from Alzheimer’s dementia.

These colors help me to see the joys in the small things, like the colors of Autumn

SM Autumn Joys
Autumn JoysPrice = $99 Oil on Canvas panel

8×10 inches